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Bath Fizzy Information and Ingredients

They ARE different than the others on the market
Think of these bath bombs as a combination
bath fizzy, bubble bar and bath melt all in a tidy little package, freshly made by hand and eager to get in the water with you. And for less than half the price the smaller ones sold by others. Why? Because our mission is to bring you great products at an affordable price so you can use them as often as you like without having to spend a fortune just to have a spa experience in your own tub or shower. And we want you to leave your tub moisturized, relaxed and ready to enjoy the best life has to offer. Because that is exactly what you deserve.

They are loaded with moisturizers, fragrance and bubbles. And we mean loaded! There is a bath melt inside each bath bomb as well as a portion of bubble bar. So forget having to have three separate products for your bath with competing scents, this is an all-in-one bath bomb - it has it all. They are super scented and a little goes a long way. Unless you have a big garden tub or you just had a really bad day and need a double-shot of bath goodness, you can get two or more scrumptious baths out of each ball. Just break it pieces and use as much as you like. For those of you wanting a more economical route, we offer three pound bags of powder. These are not in ball form, just the powder. The same product as the bombs but due to the fact that we don't have to individually mold and package them, we can pass that savings on to you. Just please transfer your powder to a glass or ceramic jar upon arrival. You can read more about the bags on the FAQ page. Please make sure you know you will like the scent you choose in the bag form, we can't accept returns due to the nature of the product.

Softness and Packaging
One thing though before you try these -- these are not the hard chalky ones that you get from other manufacturers. They are softer due to the amount of moisturizers. They break easily so you can divide them up if you wish. If you are expecting a bath bomb that can double as a projectile weapon - these aren't the ones to try. We have a saying around here for our aromabombs "a kinder gentler bath bomb." We package them very carefully. Each bomb is placed inside a cello bag and then wraped in cushioning tissue paper. Each one is inserted in its own little gift box. The bomb and the box are labeled clearly so you can see what you are reaching for. We take our baths, our products and our customer service very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that your bath bombs arrive intact. But every once in a while, during mad rides in the mail truck, you may get a dented or broken one. We assure you that they are still as scrumptious to use but we don't refund based on broken ones. We want to be clear about that before you place your order.

You said they bubble, how much exactly? Our bath bombs produce a rich, creamy, latte-like foam in the water. They bubbles are soft and gentle on your skin with no harsh detergents or sulfates. Not mountains and mountains of bubbles that make you feel as if you need another bath after stepping out, no rock star bubbles here -- just a nice soft layer of cream on top of luscious water. We don't go overboard with the bubbles (as the bubbles counteract the moisturizing agents), it is like bathing in clouds. Go on - just try one and you'll see. If you want a little more bubbles - there are some options. You can try Boom Boom. It's got twice the bubbles than the others in its regular formula. You can double the bubbles in your 3 pound bags. Just check the box for "double bubbles" and we'll double the amount of bubbling agent in your bags! Another trick that you can use for any of the bombs or bags is to either crumble your bath bomb or sprinkle the bath bag powder under the water as the tub is filling, you will naturally get more bubbles than if you add the bomb or powder after the tub is full.

So how well do they moisturize? Finally. Oh finally, the moisturizers. We use pure virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, and shea butter to pamper your skin. And we don't skimp on that either. Each bomb is loaded with goodness. Sometimes you'll see bath products loaded with every oil there is on the market, so why do we only use these? Simple. Olive and grapeseed oils are the only oils known to be natural anti-oxidents and contain natural vitamin E. They will not clog your pores. Your skin will be soft, but will still be able to breathe. We add shea butter for a little extra staying power and your skin will feel the difference. As we said, a bath melt is contained inside every bomb. You won't believe it until you try it - but you won't need lotion after using a Fantasy Bath Fizzy. Of all the testimonials we have had, the majority of them are about how moisturizing these baths are and how wonderful the fragrances are.

Fragrances If you want to forget all that about, that's ok - we can talk about fragrance! We pack as much aroma as we can into each bomb. We use a combination of the finest essential oils and synthetic cosmetic fragrances on the market - the same notes that are used in the finest perfumes. We blend each fragrance by hand as a perfume base before adding it to the bath bombs. (Also, we do not use any fragrance component in our diffusers or candles that is not safe for skin either. We feel if it is not safe for you to put on your skin, we don't want you breathing it either.) This allows us to use our own unique fragrance blends in all of our products: bath bombs, body butter bars, mineral baths, soy candles, etc, without the fragrance being compromised. This allows you to layer them nicely. We have some of the finest and most complex fragrance blends on the market today. Their aromas will transport you and leave you and your rooms smelling scrumptious. Whether you like citrus, floral, foody, green or earthy or all if them in one -- there is a bomb with your name on it. Ok, probably more than one. And the scents linger for days, so please try the bomb before you order the big bag. :)

How do you make them? We make all of our products by hand and they contain no perservatives or fillers. A lot of bath fizzy manufactuers add fillers like cornstarch, sugar, salt or flour or even synthethics to their bath bombs to reduce cost or make the water "feel" a certain way. All of this stuff ends up in the water with you. We don't. We have only soda bicarbonate and citric acid, which when these two chemicals hit water, they form a gas which forces air into the foaming agent and traps the shea butter, fragrance and oils. As the bubbles pop, the goodies are released. Nothing but fragrance, moisturizers and bubbles are left behind in your bath water. Think about it, who wants to take a bath in cornstarch or flour? Or in tub of water with petroleum by-products like mineral oil? When choosing a product to bathe in, no matter how enticing the packaging, expense of the product, or what they claim on the presentation, turn it over and read the ingredient label. Research and see what you are bathing in. Be informed.

We mix each fragrance, we make small batches for the ultimate freshness and we mold every single bomb by hand. Our dedicated staff is committed to giving you the best product, the most luxurious experience, the ultimate in customer service and most of all - at a price that allows you to afford to treat yourself more than once a month.

Ingredients: Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Olive Oil, Fragrance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (gentle foaming agent), Shea Butter. May contain FD&C Red 40, 33 22, Blue 1, Green 3 and 5, Orange 4, Yellow 5 and 6,(only food grade colorants) and Essential Oils (see description for specific oils that comprise the scent. May contain traces of sugar for decoration. Sulfate and paraban free. No animal products used. Only plant extracts and synthetic forms of the same. We NEVER test on animals or purchase from any vendor that does. We care deeply for overall well-being, and ours. This means that we care as much as how the materials arrive to us to make your products as to your experience with them and what happens to the water that goes down your bath drain after your wonderful bath. We want our planet to love the products too! Visit at

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